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Whether you're an aspiring creator looking to monetize your passion, or you're a brand looking to tap into this new, bizarre form of TikTok advertising, we can help.

Creatorhood is a community-driven network of creators and digital media agency. We connect passionate people with brands and startups to create unique, original content for TikTok and other social media platforms.

Community fuels creation, and we believe that the most successful creators are the ones who invest in other creators through their support and their service. We use that same approach with the relationships we create with our clients, bringing that sense of community as we work to build their brand and engage with their audience.


During the COVID lockdown after five years of working in restaurants and not doing anything remotely creative, I picked up music again. I did it because I had the time and because it seemed like the perfect moment to take a risk with something new while the world was evidently going to shit. The rush I felt just from putting my hands on a keyboard again was enough to convince me that I was meant to create again. That and I was amazed by all the new tools and software that were accessible to creators that weren’t there just a few years ago.

TikTok came secondary to that. It was apparently the place to be as a creator, much to my dismay at the time. Honestly the idea of joining TikTok felt more like a last resort option. Maybe I was still bitter about Vine. Maybe I thought I was too old (I’m fast approaching 30). Maybe I didn’t want to get completely roasted by a 12 year old (I’m too sensitive for that shit).

Fast-forward: while unfortunately I’m still not famous yet, I do have to thank TikTok for making it possible for me to be a creative person that doesn’t have to look for work.

And that’s kind of strange. But then again, so is the world right now.

Over the past year, I noticed just how much of an impact this bizarre new form of media is having on people. Complete nobodies can launch their career overnight. Start-ups and businesses that use TikTok to promote their brand have a huge advantage over those who don’t. You have a message that needs to be heard? You better be on TikTok.

For me, I didn’t really know what path I would eventually take, or what would be “my thing” on TikTok. At one point, I thought I was going to be “the guy who does the seagull noise” because of a video I posted that reached over a million views. Hey, I could still fall back on that if I want. My seagull is on point.

Whatever the case, I knew my strengths. I’m decent at music. I’m not that funny, but I at least get Gen-Z humor. I can edit video enough to get by. And I can do it all with a phone (that’s the beauty of all of this…)

Cue the Ocean Spray cranberry sauce video. My claim to fame, I guess. That stupid and totally absurd music video that I posted around Thanksgiving of last year went viral on TikTok and even generated a bit of buzz on Twitter. Within just a couple days, I somehow landed deals from brands wanting me to make TikToks for them.

What? You want to pay me to be an idiot? Sure, what do I have to lose? My dignity?

That’s long gone.

Definitely a bold move by the Ocean Spray marketing team. But it worked. Nearly a million views on TikTok alone along with a myriad of user comments that applauded the decision.

During all of this, I would still scroll on TikTok religiously. And I would come across all these really talented creators with relatively small followings. I could tell these people were putting everything into their work and getting little to no results. Here I was, somehow making a living doing decent TikToks (I'm hard on myself, I know) when all these seemingly more impressive creators were putting a ton of effort into their videos, and for what? A shot at being famous? That’s still pretty difficult, even with the algorithm. Maybe they were making a little money from the TikTok Creator Fund. Or maybe they just wanted to show the world their stuff

One thing was certain, and it was that these creators were way too talented to be that unknown, and deserved a chance to monetize their craft.

So Creatorhood was started. A virtual community of talented, middle-class creators to help brands and businesses promote themselves through TikTok videos.

My partners, Austin Archer and Krysten Wagner, were already doing that when I met them. Being creators themselves, they understood just how crucial it was for them to be on the platform and pump out content on a consistent basis. When I pitched them the idea of Creatorhood, it was immediately recognized that this idea will not only help provide businesses with the right type of content to promote their brand, but it will also help give work to smaller, talented creators so that they can also build their brand.

With encouragement from Li Jin, an investor and advocate for the creator economy, we had our first few clients as a company. Since then we have been helping a variety of really interesting brands with their TikTok presence, and providing work for a number of awesome creators.

And we don't plan to stop any time soon. Welcome to the Creatorhood!

That's enough of an intro. Now let's get serious... Well, serious enough at least.

So what do we do exactly?

We DO the THING. Right? Is that clear enough?

At our core, Creatorhood is a content creation company. Right now, TikTok and its short-form video format is all the rave. So therefore, that’s where we are.

Creatorhood takes a creative-first approach to our work. Our team is made up entirely of creators who have extensive background in making content, so the product is what is most important to us. We’re perfectionists, we’re weird, and we’re dedicated.

When we’re not making content ourselves, we’re out looking for talent. We understand that all brands are different, from the product they want to promote to the audience they want to reach. Creators are the same way, and we work extensively to find the right type of person for the job.

"Because creators emphasize their individuality and offer unique services/products that are non-fungible, creators wield much more power over platforms than gig workers who are entirely replaceable."

Speaking of Creators...

What exactly is a creator?

A creator can be anybody who invents, produces, or makes things. For us, that definition stands. Our creators just happen to be TikTok-ers.

The creators we bring to the community come in all shapes and sizes. Talent takes on many forms, and we like to think that every person has something to bring to the table. You could spend top dollar on the best influencers and the best production companies to make your commercial, or you could take a chance on a smaller (and probably more talented) creator to make something that you know they’re going to put their all into.

Bringing on smaller creators that can help pump out consistent, quality content on a regular basis will actually help sustain your audience. Give yourself a voice. A face to the brand. A tone, a style, a legacy.

On top of all that, you’ll be helping out the little guys, and building the “middle-class” of creators; something that hasn’t really existed until recently.

How is TikTok an effective advertising strategy?

Aside from being so widely used with no sign of letting up, TikTok videos by nature are very raw and authentic, making them more engaging and relatable to an audience rather than a glitzy, commercial-like product plug.

This type of video helps build trust with the audience, as it is seemingly more human. You would rather take your friend’s recommendation on a product than a commercial where they’re going to try and sell it to you regardless if it’s shitty. Additionally, if you choose to work with smaller, more passionate creators, then the delivery will be much more authentic and with a lot of effort put into it.

You want to grow your brand? Then stop acting like a brand.

How many times have you actually sat and watched a YouTube ad after the “skip ad” button appeared? I don’t think I ever have, honestly. Most of the time, I can’t even tell you what it was that I was even watching, or what the product was. I could care less about it. People go on YouTube (or TikTok, or Instagram, etc.) for a reason, and it’s definitely not to watch ads.

However, if you can effectively hook someone in at the beginning of a video by using a less ad-like approach, then the moment they finally realize it is in fact an ad, the more likely they are to be impressed and want to follow/learn more.

We take this approach with most of our Toks.

Sometimes we even make videos that have virtually nothing to do with the product. Is this effective? Absolutely. Does this method work for every video? No. The general TikTok population will appreciate the occasional “shitpost” for sure.

shitpost /ˈSHitˌpōst/ a deliberately provocative or off-topic comment posted on social media, typically in order to upset others or distract from the main conversation.

via Oxford Languages

Getting Started

By now, it’s been established that we’re in the business of making content. And we use our talented network of creators to generate said content for the purpose of promoting brands.

So what now? Where do we begin?

First, let’s establish your goals. Are you looking to drive awareness? Sales? Conversions? Maybe you’re just looking to have a steady stream of content to have and use at any time across all platforms. All of the above?

We come up with a strategy that works with those goals. And we compile our creators into what we like to call a “virtual content house”. This house is designed with your needs in mind. The members of this house are all talented people who fit within your style and can reach your intended audience.

We also understand you may be a little reluctant given TikTok's unpredictability and reputation, which is why we feel a trial period is absolutely necessary. We like three months, broken down as such:

And if you're satisfied at this point, then dope! If not, well at least you have three months worth of original content that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Let's Recap

To summarize: We have creators. We have brands. We have TikTok.

Put all of those things together and you have a recipe for something quite unique that this world hasn’t really seen before.

I've been fortunate enough to turn my creativity into a sustaining lifestyle, and grateful for the work and connections I was given along the way. Forming this community has allowed me to provide the same tools for other, well-deserving creators. As a brand, you can harness that talent to help build your own business, and in turn help sustain this much-needed creator economy.

Whaddaya say?

Join the community!

Brands interested in collaborating with creators and/or need TikTok consulting, click here !

Creators interested in joining the community and working with brands, click here !

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