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are you a creator?


are you a business?



Creatorhood is a community-driven network of creators and digital media agency

We connect passionate people with brands and startups to create unique, original content for TikTok and other social media platforms

Community fuels creation, and we believe that the most successful creators are the ones who invest in other creators, through their support and their service

We use that same approach with the relationships we create with our clients, bringing that sense of community as we work to build their brand and engage with their audience

What is a virtual creator house? 

A house is kind of like a community within a community. Each of these houses are made up of talented creators and designed to fit the needs of the client. These houses can also grow organically amongst the creators through collaborations or via a particular niche. 

As businesses, you become honorary residents of your own creative house as it works and evolves with you to build your brand. 


When you should join Creatorhood?

Literally any time. 

As a creator, you don't have to have a massive following in order to make money doing what you love. Not only do we help you find work within the community, but we give you the tools to build your own personal brand in the process. We help the little guys here at Creatorhood... For more info on incentives and benefits of being in the community, click below.

What about brands?

Same thing with brands. Any time!

Whether you are a small business or well-established brand, we can work with you on any project with any budget. For more info, click below. 

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