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Why work with Creatorhood?

Customized houses

Creatorhood specializes in what we like to call "virtual creator houses". These houses are made up of talented creators and designed to fit your needs. We work with your particular brand to mold the right type of content and reach your intended audience. 


We grow with you

As your business grows, so do your advertising needs. As a community, we work alongside you to always bring you up-to-date content that evolves as you do. Our talented team of strategists is constantly following the latests trends to ensure that you are getting the most effective content. 



Talent comes in all sizes

You can spend top dollar for the best influencer to put your product in front of a lot of eyes, or you can choose to work with a community of talented creators in a collaborative setting, each using their own skillset to craft up truly original content. You don't have to break the bank to go viral. All you need is great content and a team that works around you and your exact needs. 


Any hesitations?

Jumping in to the world of TikTok (and user-based advertising in general) can be a little daunting. And we get that. That's why we offer small packages, one-off videos, and consulting to help your determine whether this is a good fit. Experimenting with something new doesn't have to be expensive or binding. You tell us what you need. 

And like, why TikTok?

I think our co-founder, Li,
can help answer that.


Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 11.02.34

Sound good?

Fill out this survey if you're interested in working with us!


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